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Located on the northwest side of Downtown Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) offers one of the best graduate art programs and features a top hospital in Richmond.

VCU is designed with a comprehensive housing master plan with age-appropriate unit typologies for all years of students in mind. Several onsite VCU rental properties and other rental properties near VCU are available for students and families alike. The Residential Life & Housing department managed houses in the VCU area to provide safe, inclusive, and well-maintained facilities. In the incoming years, more residential areas are planned to create and maintain accessible entrances and convert existing buildings into residential spaces for the VCU community. Please do not hesitate to give us a call or message our team should you have inquiries or require assistance in finding rental properties at VCU.

DIVERSE HOUSING: Everyone has access to a huge selection of options regarding VCU rentals Richmond VA. Student housing options at Virginia Commonwealth University include suites, regular rooms, and apartment-style living quarters. Condominiums and a large number of single-family homes are among the residential options that are available for rent just beyond the campus.

AFFORDABLE RENT WITH AMENITIES: The rents for the VCU rentals are reasonable, and they include all of the utilities as well as a number of amenities, including a 24-hour information desk, high-speed internet and cable TV with premium channels, laundry facilities, lounges, air conditioning, and furniture. In addition, the environment is safe for students.

COMMON BOND FOR STUDENTS: Students at Virginia Commonwealth University have the opportunity to live with people who are enrolled in the same major or share similar interests. Students with a wide range of interests are catered to through various living-learning communities on campus. These communities focus on topics such as environmental studies, leadership, the arts, and outdoor adventure, among others, and aim to make life on campus more enjoyable.

VCU Rental Properties Real Estate

5 Real Estate Facts About VCU Rental Properties

  • Residential homes in VCU are mostly apartments with 1 to 4-person units providing single bedrooms. Each room has a furnished kitchen and bathroom equipped with the necessary utilities.

  • VCU rental properties cater to all year levels of students. First-year students can rent a unit at Brandt Hall, Gladding Residence Centers, The Honors College, and Rhoads Hall. The upper-class students can find a room to rent at Ackell Residence, Broad and Belvidere, West Grace North, and West Grace South. Cary and Belvidere provide units for sophomores.

  • Housing rates at VCU depend on the hall, unit type, and term length. For first-year students, it costs between $6,700 to $9,100. For upper-class and sophomore residences, the price is between $6,700 and $12,365.

  • Off-site homes are mainly single-family residences, but there are condominiums and apartments as well, all being near VCU.

  • Rental properties near VCU cost between $580 to about $4,000, while a unit for a condo or apartment cost between $510 to $12,590.
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VCU’s campus is nestled in the heart of the flourishing area of downtown Richmond. It lies alongside Broad Street on the west and Interstate 64 on the east.

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