Frequently Asked Questions by Property Owners

Among the typical duties and responsibilities of Property Management Companies include the following:

  1. Representing the Landlord as Their Agent (owner)
  2. Get rental units ready
  3. Perform inspections before, throughout, and after a lease’s duration
  4. Examine potential renters
  5. Manage the process of signing and renewing leases
  6. Managing the property’s finances and administration
  7. Offer rental-related services such as leasing, upkeep, and management right at the property level.
  8. Maintain a correspondence log in the property management software
  9. Discuss issues with landlords and renters
  10. Manage utility bills at the same time during the make ready procedure

We will publish information about your rental property, including images, on our website and in a number of rental advertising databases. Additionally, we conduct exhaustive screenings of potential renters and compile all of the pertinent details about your property onto a Property Information Sheet for documentation.

Long-term single-family residences, condominiums, and townhouses are our specialty.

Clearly communicate your needs and expectations to us. We can discuss on how you would like to be contacted, whether it is via email, a phone call, or through a cellular call. Let us also know if you want us to keep you in the loop if something changes, or if you want to be involved at all times.

We look into other rental properties that are comparable to yours in order to determine the total amount of monthly fees that can be charged for rent at your rental property. We see to it that your vacant homes are ready for renters as soon as it is reasonably possible.