Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are the responsibilities of property managers?

Among the typical duties and responsibilities of Property Management Companies include the following:

  1. Representing the Landlord as Their Agent (owner)
  2. Get rental units ready
  3. Perform inspections before, throughout, and after a lease’s duration
  4. Examine potential renters
  5. Manage the process of signing and renewing leases
  6. Managing the property’s finances and administration
  7. Offer rental-related services such as leasing, upkeep, and management at the property level.
  8. Maintain a correspondence log in the property management software
  9. Discuss issues with landlords and renters 
  10. Manage utility bills at the same time during the make-ready procedure

How are you planning to go about finding renters for my property?

We will publish information about your rental property, including images, on our website and in several rental advertising databases. Additionally, we conduct exhaustive screenings of potential renters and compile all pertinent details about your property onto a Property Information Sheet for documentation.

What kinds of properties do you oversee as a property manager?

Long-term single-family residences, condominiums, and townhouses are our specialty. 

How frequently will my property manager get in touch with me?

Clearly communicate your needs and expectations to us. We can discuss how you would like to be contacted, whether via email, phone, or cellular call. Let us also know if you want us to keep you in the loop if something changes or if you want to be involved at all times.

Why should I go with your company rather than another one?

We investigate other rental properties similar to yours to calculate the maximum possible rental rates for your rental property. We ensure that your vacant homes are ready for renters as soon as possible.

  1. What utilities are covered by the monthly rent payment?
  2. What steps are there to take in the application process?
  3. What is the policy regarding pets and size restriction, if ever? 
  4. Who is responsible for the upkeep and any necessary urgent repairs?
  5. Which fees must be paid in advance?
  6. Can I pay the deposit in installments?
  7. Are you open to the possibility of signing a lease for a shorter term?
  8. Can I move in today if I pay the rent?
  9. Are you willing to take in tenants who are part of a government-sponsored housing program?
  10. What if I cannot fulfill all of your requirements?


  1. What drives you to find a rental unit elsewhere?
  2. To what date are you planning to relocate?
  3. Please describe the work that you do.
  4. Please give me a rough figure for your annual salary.
  5. What is your intended household size?
  6. What kinds of animals do you keep as pets? (This applies only to rental properties that allow pets.)
  7. Do you have any experience being evicted?
  8. Should I perform a background check on all adult residents of the home, or are there any concerns I should be aware of beforehand?
  9. Do you have any recent bankruptcies on your record?
  10. When you sign the lease, can you make the required security deposit payment of $(amount)?